Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Morning Exercise

Do you pick out your clothes for the next day before you go to bed? I try to do this whenever I can, but sometimes, I just forget or don't feel like it. This morning, after trying on about 20 different outfits, I decided that I could count it as exercising. All that pulling tops over my head, legs in and out skirts... The trouble was that I wanted to wear the GREY leggings and NOTHING went with them. I mean, my closet has so many was improbable that nothing matched.  In the end. I went with pants. Trousers. Watch out, if you say "pants" in front of British people they'll think you mean underwear.

That's all I have to report, but I wanted to write. Oh, I know, I can post this awesome picture of me and my grandpa!! Notice our matching teeth!

Ms. Non-sequitur

Monday, September 26, 2016

Soup-er Dinner!

I'm crabby. Just putting that out there before I thrill you with my boring soup story lol OkOk I choose my attitude to be happy.

By now, most of you should know about my Monday night dinner commitment. I make dinner Monday nights. It's in my vows and so far, baring the occasional frozen pizza or dinner out, I usually fulfill my obligation. Tonight I made this skinny French girl green soup. Do you know that book, French Girls Don't Get Fat? Well, I find that idea fascinating. I'm not from France :) (yah yah, I'm not saying I'm fat...just that I'm from Wisconsin and our book might have a slightly different title!)

So the soup has all these green vegetables that I cut up. Except those onions, they photo bombed. Those are leeks in the bowl.

I also made some chicken with olive oil and 
I always have problems with baked chicken because I can never really tell when it's done. More on this on some post in the future.

The scary part of my soup comes when I have to use this device.  I've never used one to mush soup. Generally, I like chunks in my soup anyway but I was trying to be French.

I'm dreading the whole thing when MD swoops in and saves the day and tells me there is a device called an "emersion blender!"  Fuck yeah!

At the end, I added some milk and my soup looked like this! Clearly, I put too much parsley in MD's serving, but it was just so green and pretty!! Also, please note the saltines :) They make an excellent garnish.

This is how my serving looked. Being the Mad Mixer and all!!

It turned out that all those spices on the chicken, actually helped make the soup have more flavor. (Even though I snuck garlic and garlic salt in the recipe. I mean come ON? What recipe doesn't have garlic in it?? The thought is ludicrous.)

All in all, I'd say it was a successful meal.

PS: These grew in our garden.

Have a debateful* kind of day!
Ms. Non-Sequitur

*Full of debates, or rather, 1 debate. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Speedy Meatballs

This morning, I decided to make meatballs for dinner!

At lunch I found a recipe for Indian meatballs and was super excited.
The recipe said, "10 minute prep time, 30 minutes cooking...40 minutes total!" I was super psyched because I like to get in and get out. Of the kitchen! lol

Anyway, I find some co-workers at lunch and I proclaim, "Check out what I'm making for dinner!" To which, after looking at the recipe, state, "There's no WAY you can finish all that cutting in 10 minutes! All those shallots and garlic...." (That might not be what they said exactly...but now that I'm thinking about it...maybe it was exactly what they said) Anyway, I say not too confidently that it MIGHT be possible.

5:31 Stare at the recipe and try to decide if I have to count finding all the ingredients in my 10-minute prep time. I decide that it doesn't count so I start finding all the spices and cutting the cilantro and all this other crap. (yeah, but it does count, who am I kidding!)

5:41 Start considering the shallots. MD sees me from the kitchen table, "Do you want me to cut those?" "Yes!" I respond! I'm thrilled because I hadn't finished getting all the ingredients organized. Tears begin to stream, just kidding, he gets a little choked up from the shallots and I'm thrilled it's him and not me.

(there is a time discrepancy here- but I couldn't keep notes on myself during all the action)

5:55 (I'm officially past 10 minutes) Everything is cut and it's time to mix up the meat balls. I start mixing them, but I'm thirsty and my hands are full of meat. I look over at MD, "Honey, do you think you could help me get that ginger beer out of the fridge." "Of course dear!" :) I'm still trying to do everything really fast even though I know it's hopeless.

It is important to note that around the 5th meatball I find a piece of my hair and attempt to pull it out, but I only get half of it.
Around the 12th meatball I found the other half!!!

6:10 Start frying, remember I need to crush coriander with the mortar and pestle, etc etc

6:12 Maglet came over for dinner and kept asking if I needed any help. I tell her "no" at least twice.

6:15 I realize I forgot to cut up 2 tomatoes and scream, "Maggie cut up 2 tomatoes!" MD jumps into action, "I'll do it!" My hero!! :)  (She totally would have cut them for me, he was just so quick!)

6:20 The meatballs are in the sauce and everything is supposed to cook for 15-20 min. I set the time and take a f-cking break. This time is accurate, I checked.

They cook for 20 min.

I serve up the plates, It's

And in the end, the timing for this recipe was the following

40 minutes prep time
30 minutes cook time
70 minutes total

We all had to put more salt over everything, but it was a pretty good recipe! Even if it took almost twice as long :)

Try it yourself! Meatball Curry

Ms. Non-Sequitur

Monday, September 19, 2016

Brat for Breakfast

As you know, I don't like to waste food! So on Friday, I ate this brat for breakfast to save the eggs for later!!

Tonight for dinner I made this:

Now you might say....lasagna in a box?!! And to that I reply, it's easy, quick, tastes good, costs like $8.99 (Maybe, I don't know, Mike bought it and had it in the freezer) and provided 3 lunch for us to enjoy tomorrow and even the next day!!

Missions this week:
1. To go for a hike
2. To eat a salad
3. To use my new lingonberry chapstick
4. Drink more green tea and maybe a little less coffee
5. To fight off the cupcake pushers who try to lure me into their lair of tasty treats

Okay, short and sweet! BYE
Ms. Non-Sequitur

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Jacque and Martha, My Old Friends!

Today I was watching TV, now mind you, I don't watch much, and we don't have cable. Sure I hit some of the Netflix shows, etc etc, but it general, I just turn it on and zone out to whatever I find! SO it's fitting that I occasionally watch cooking shows for tidbits and rules I don't usually feel like following. Today I watched Jacque Pepin put the most amazing amount of butter in 3 easy dishes. Well, easy as a relative term. At least he uses glops of butter and seems as chill as you can be with a French accent.

On the other hand, Martha Bakes (Stewart, I'm sure you know who I mean) was making caramel desserts that did not seem easy. Regardless, caramel is amazing and as I'm getting older I'm finding that really love, love, love it.  I can tell I love it because I buy caramels in the check-out line when they throw them in my face, I mean put them in bowls by the check-out. This one caramel cookie filling was like "put the condensed milk in a double boiler for 5 HOURS?!" fuggetaboutit. Also, she cuts all the butter in these tiny quarter inch cubes all the f-ing time. Do people seriously have time for that?

Anyway, on to lunches! For the first time in maybe forever, I cooked some food the other night solely for lunches! It was a recipe for pasta, arugula (and spinach cause that's how they sold it) and prosciutto. Since I'm not a millionaire, I got some excellent salami for $5 a pound. ($32 a pound for that skinny meat?? Not.)

Anyway here's how the stages looked. You can add your own commentary in your mind.



There was no lime in the dish, he just snuck in the picture. 

My final commentary of the day is how I seem to have a problem with my vases. They are ALWAYS too tall for the flowers I cut. I mean, it certainly can't be that I'm cutting the stems too short. No. That doesn't make any sense. 

Yours Truly,
Ms. Non-Sequitur

Sunday, September 04, 2016


Here are some random still lives (still life-s? weird)

Flowers from my Garden Cut at Non-Specific Lengths


Little Domestic Nemesis in a Sunflower Patch

Ms. NS

Waste Hater

I hate to waste food...always have. I take home stuff from restaurants, panic about eating all the food in the fridge 3 days before vacation, and basically will eat anything to make sure I don't end up throwing it away. Take this lettuce for example.

It was "living lettuce" or something from Costco and so it came with the roots in dirt! This head had lasted in my fridge for like 3 or 4 weeks and I couldn't take it!


So instead of making a salad (clearly, I was in too much of a hurry). I just shoved it in my mouth really fast, just to eat it and get it done with. Here are the picture of me eating the lettuce! I look more grumpy that I actually was. Secretly, I was HAPPY that it was being eaten and not in the compost!!

Next up, we have these egg plants. Skinny ones, not like one big one. I think we had around 6 of them. MD got them at the farmers market and man, they were in super bad shape! They had traveled to Chippewa and BACK and so were full of bumps and nicks from the cooler as well as various brown spots! But i was determined. Ratatouille seemed to be the perfect recipe. I only wish I had taken a "before" picture. You can see them cut up on the right. In the pictures you can also see some of the other ingredients.

I don't feel like explaining everything about the ratatouille, but I will say, that it was mediocre aka super bland...even though I added some spices and stuff and basically followed the recipe. LUCKILY I remembered that olives were invented to make everything better. Regardless, the dish had lost of veggies and was certainly edible.

Ms. Non-Sec

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hard Boiled Egg Return

Wow, I was going so good on this blog and then who knows what happened? (Well, I do know, I went to Vegas with my buddy for her special birthday, and then it was MY birthday)

These pictures sum up one of our evenings.





 This one needs a little explaining- if you haven't been to Vegas- Fremont Street has all these people dressed up like famous people or super heros or like that guy... Who was my favorite :)

Then it was my birthday!

This photo has been in the making for at least a year! Talk about a corn commercial!!!

Me and my Auntie!

This morning I made this hard boiled egg. The ability to properly take the shell off continues to evade me. I did put the eggs in water, boiled them, turned off the heat. Let them cook, then put them in ice water after like 8 minutes. The texture of the yolk was pretty perfect and it worked perfectly in my cheese, tomato crepe, but crimes. What a shelling nightmare.

Okay, I promise to stay on track...and much as I can! :)