Friday, August 19, 2016

Hard Boiled Egg Return

Wow, I was going so good on this blog and then who knows what happened? (Well, I do know, I went to Vegas with my buddy for her special birthday, and then it was MY birthday)

These pictures sum up one of our evenings.





 This one needs a little explaining- if you haven't been to Vegas- Fremont Street has all these people dressed up like famous people or super heros or like that guy... Who was my favorite :)

Then it was my birthday!

This photo has been in the making for at least a year! Talk about a corn commercial!!!

Me and my Auntie!

This morning I made this hard boiled egg. The ability to properly take the shell off continues to evade me. I did put the eggs in water, boiled them, turned off the heat. Let them cook, then put them in ice water after like 8 minutes. The texture of the yolk was pretty perfect and it worked perfectly in my cheese, tomato crepe, but crimes. What a shelling nightmare.

Okay, I promise to stay on track...and much as I can! :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Dress and Key Lime Pie

Last night I started making this dress

I took out the directions and started circling pattern pieces and dreaming about how beautiful my yellow dress would be!

How strange it was to discover that the amount of fabric needed the pieces did not equal the amount of fabric I had. Lesson #1: Actually LOOK at the back of a pattern BEFORE buying fabric because it tells you how much you need- all you have to do is add it up! Those pattern companies are so SMART! Anyway, I'm going to make a circle skirt instead an I promise to blog all about it!

Fast Easy Dessert: Easiest Key Lime Pie Ever
You know how people make like 15 minute meals? I'm always on the look-out for 5 Minute Meals. And this pie, is actually a 5 minute (or less!) dessert.

Here is a summarized version of the recipe
Mix sweetened condensed milk (1 can), and key lime juice (1/2 cup) with a mixer
Add in Cool Whip
Pour in pre-bought graham cracker crust.
Put in Refrigerator

It's especially nice in the summer when you don't want to turn on the oven!!

Ms. NS

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Love Post

How do you know your sweetheart loves you?

Imagine 4 Greenbush Bakery doughnuts. (That look like this!)

They were purchased to help commemorate your 1 year anniversary. 2 are for the man and 2 are for the woman. Both of you eat one doughnut immediately and you both decide to "save one for later."  One of you, (in this case, the woman) decides after lunch that it is time to just have half of your second doughnut with the plan to save the rest for later.

THEN when you get home, you have another fourth. Pretty soon, you're like, "Whatever, there is such a little bit left, I might as well finish it."  Meanwhile....the other doughnut is still in there!

Fast forward to the next day. I watch as MD pulls his doughnut out of the bag with amazement and lust. I sigh to myself and say, well, too bad I ate my 2nd one yesterday, I must live with my decisions even if they end in sorrow.

BUT THEN in moment of joy and kindness, your love breaks off a piece-a solid fourth of his doughnut-and shares its with you so you can enjoy your coffee even more. #thatislove

Happy One Year Anniversary to My Darling!

Ms. Non-Sequitur

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Double Booking

Does anyone else often plan 2 events at once? I do this all the time. It's not exactly on purpose...I guess I always think I can do both. The philosopher has told me a million times that it is not possible...but I mean, it sometimes works out!! LIKE THIS MORNING!

So my Polka gig today is for Ride the Drive (when people ride their bikes down a main thoroughfare of town). So you ask, how would people get things like tubas and accordions there for the show when you can't drive a CAR to the GIG! Well, the answer is that you have to go BEFORE the event starts. The funny thing about this morning is that I had also promised MD that I would make him crepes to be the vessel that carries this amazing Swedish lingonberry sauce I got in the UP this weekend.


Last weekend, The Philosopher went to a funeral picnic in the UP where he grew up! This restaurant, Schloegels, was famous in our family because my grandma ALWAYS wanted to go there and have the lingonberry pancakes and my grandpa always wanted the pasties. Note it is Past-ies (NOT PASTE-ies- those are for boobs), also pictured below.

There is more I could say about all this, but I'm in the middle of another story..... so let's get back to the present.

Here is how the morning went when I had to make breakfast AND bring the instrument to the show:

7:00 take dogs out (we have a guest dog for a few days plus Sandy)
make the crepe batter
take a shower
make coffee
chat with MD and the dogs
organize polka music
8:20 Head out for a "quick drop off"
I won't go into details but it wasn't quick, I was still home by 9:35 even though I hit every red light!!

THEN, like a blot of lighting, I prepare this meal for darling starving husband! :) (Well, except for the bacon, he made that while I was gone!) Notice the Lingonberries! There is this other part of the story where he has to eat in time to cut down the neighbor's tree, but it's just all too complicated.

Look how happy he is!

Here's a picture of my plate. Lol it's not quite as nice looking :)

Off to the Polka show!!


EASY Muffins

Do you ever make Easy Muffins? They are REALLY EASY! You buy a box of Krusteaz (Should I make a joke about that brand? You can see a little bit of the box below in the picture.) All you have to do is add water!! WOW I also added some extra cranberries and walnuts, because I never follow a recipe exactly!


In the oven they look like this:

It said 12 big OR 24 small, so of course I had to split that up and make 6 big and 12 small! Why have all the same size muffins?

Get in my belly!

Of course then I FORGOT to bring them to my music teachers meeting which was the whole reason I MADE THEM! Ha ha good one Ms. Non-Sequitur!

Bonus recipe:
MD (My Darling if you forgot who that was) makes refrigerator pickles out of them! Like this!)

Cut up the cucumbers, add salt, onions, vinegar (I think) and dill and put them in the fridge!

There you go!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Dip da dip da dip doo wap a dooby doo

Today for dinner I made this veggie tray. And this meat which I don't even feel like talking about.

Here are the directions.

1. Cut off the stems and bottoms of the carrots from the farmer's market
2. Cut up 1 cucumber that is 1 or 2 weeks old and 1 newer but getting wilty cucumber from the garden
3. Broccoli that is in a little rough shape, but not too bad
4. Take the tops and bottoms off some fresh green beans (bought TODAY!)
5. Put everything in a big bowl with cold water and ice to freshen it up
6. Gently dump it on a plate
7. On the right, put hummus from a container.
8. On the left, make some homemade dip. I made up the recipe using greek yogurt and some seasoning that you are supposed to put in olive oil to dip bread in. I also added garlic salt...tasted weird, but perfectly edible.

THEN the Mad Mixer arrived (this is my other nickname, thanks to Naytron aka Tronnie Dobbs, because of my tendency to mix drinks...and basically everything else)


A dollop of each



The Taste Test!!



Saturday, July 23, 2016

Save the BEE's!

SAVE the Bee's!  I present to you this bee self portrait from Snapchat!

My bee and butterfly bed (I planted one package of bee and 1 package of butterfly scatter seeds) is coming along nicely! I can't wait until it is all flowers. Right now it looks like this:

Here I am watering the bed the other day! Notice how my attire matches perfectly!

These tomatoes are camouflaged, but do your best to count! 

We planted more radishes and they are creeping up through the straw.  (Our other batch grew so fast and we only had a few, so we thought we'd just plant some more) I'm a big fan of scatter planting as you can see in these tiny babies! Betty Lou, thanks again for all the seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, these were from you.  The tomatoes above were also part of our order!

On the cooking front...I've done nothing. I mean let me think about it...yeah nothing. Yesterday My Darling (I think from now on, he'll just be MD because I'm way to lazy to type out "My Darling" every time I want to refer to my husband) and I had a lovely time at this park! I beat him at 2 games of HORSE and 1 game of PIG on the bball courts, then we went swimming.  I got a snack at the snack shop...a rainbow push-up...pop up. We went to lunch and ate a burger I did not prepare and then I ordered a pizza for dinner which I only made in my mind. 

Happy Weekend,

Monday, July 18, 2016

I Am A Genius

This post is titled I Am A Genius because as the Domestic Nemesis, I managed to do the best thing imaginable...marry a Domestic MASTER. My Darling likes to do things like:


Shine the bathroom faucet

and make the bed

All things which are my foes! He attacks cleaning head-on, like it's fun or something!? :) He is the perfect foil to my domestic nemesisery!!

Here's what I did. I was trying to use the wet swifter or swiffer (?) and I thought you were supposed to rip these things off-- for no reason other than they look I should rip them off--  I guess I thought there would be something sticky underneath them. I was wrong.

Luckily, my keen intellect reminded me to put some packing tape on it so it would stick! Like this:

I don't know...those kind of looks like giant maxi pads. But I digress.

Also, as a part of my vows, I promised to make dinner every Monday night! I suspect many more posts related to this fact. Often I actually do make dinner. But today I was taking a class- so there was no way I was going to have enough energy to like...cook. (how do people cook every day? Seriously, 1 day a week almost kills me!) Instead, we went to Concerts at McKee which The Madison Music Foundry sponsors. (If you don't know, My Darling, has a special connection with The Madison Music Foundry Anyway, so for dinner, I made him something really special!!

Here is an inaccurate recreation of our conversation:

Ms. Non-Sequitur: Here's $20, you can get whatever you want at the food carts and beer tent!
MD: Whoo hoo, whatever I want?
NS: Yes what EVER you want!

My only regret is that I didn't do any more than that! Like...I didn't even wait in line for him!
Here he is waiting in line. He's sort of blending into the cart

 WOW!! What a meal I prepared...Korean BBQ!! YUM I'm such a fantastic cook!!

That's all for today!! Have a good one!
Ms. NS