Saturday, March 18, 2017

5 Minute Queso Dip

Today, I give you a recipe I made up myself!!! Follow the directions exactly as I describe them and you will be full of joy and happiness.

1. Cut up 1 jalepeno like this:

2. Pour yourself a Moscow Mule.

3. Shred some strong cheddar, mild cheddar, and mozzarella until your hand and fingers hurt.

4. Fry the jalepenos and the garlic you forgot to cut up earlier for two minutes. 
5. Throw in 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds and a 1/2-1 teaspoon of chili power
5. Pour 2-3 seconds worth of half and half
6. Look in the fridge and decide some salsa would be a good idea and add 3 large spoonfuls.
7. Add cheese, stir, taste, add salt and pepper.
8. Get your chips and eat your dip while you are standing over the stove. 
9. Continue to eat until you feel sick!!! :) 

BONUS FOLLOW UP POST! Earlier, i described the massacre that was my yellow skirt.
I began the skirt back in October, you could read the original post here. I finished it with as much sorrow as it began. 

The panel I added at the bottom probably looks worse than this picture may show. 

On this project I learned that you need to square shit up! What a lovely diagonal!! 
FML Haha 

Ms. NS

Monday, January 16, 2017


I depart from my usual prattling about cooking disasters and other such nonsense to speak about something else. The Packers. :)

Sport. The very word brings about this sickness to my soul. Certainly sport can mean camaraderie, teamwork, when I was playing ultimate frisbee, etc. But the professional type of sport, like American Football, kills me. Mostly because of the money. Who profits? Who benefits? Who invests? Who loses? The money. Money that could be spent on so many other things. I'm partial to education myself... Maybe healthcare or ending poverty?  So much more seems worthy of money than a leisure sport. Yet...

The Green Bay Packers. My first memories of the team are completely intertwined with my memories of family. Every Sunday, we would be together at my grandma and grandpa's house to watch the game. Upstairs, Grandma would be in the den with Aunt S reading the Sunday paper while myself and younger cousins were squished on the couch or on the floor. We laughed and yelled and I generally had no idea what was going on. Grandma often left the room to sit in the other room because she couldn't handle the game and would always talk about how Uncle H jumped so hard he "broke the chair at the old house." Downstairs, in the basement, Grandpa, Uncle B, and often my dad and Uncle H would be watching 3 TV's.  The TV that worked was on top of the 2 broken TV's below. They would go in the back room to get beers from the case of Red, White and Blue which was my grandpa's favorite. We as kids would run down and get Little Debbie desserts from grandpa and at the end of the game there was always KFC or Hansen's chicken. The men always got the breasts and we got the legs or thighs! Family was the Packers the Packers are family and the synapses in my mind have inextricably connected the two.

Fast forward to today. Today is the day after the Packer vs. Dallas win. I sat on my phone last night for an hour and today for an hour reading tweets about the game? I mean, what gives? :) I still generally don't know what's going on and I really don't care about football (including the Badgers) but I do kind of care about the Packers. After the game yesterday, I immediately thought I needed to watch the game at Uncle J's, to be with family! And even though Aaron Rodgers is no Brett Favre, I hope they win next week!  GO PACK GO!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Cheese Board and Risotto

It's been a while. Good news is that I'm doing all right! The Christmas holiday was a little rough...
My (our- if my cousins are reading this) dear uncle died, and that was sad. Our dog, well, it's more My Darling's dog, also died. I was happy to take down the Christmas Tree on Dec. 31 and get ready for a fresh 2017 START!

Speaking of New Years, check out this fabulous meat and cheese board I created! 

I think boards are going to be my new thing! You can make them so exciting! Clearly, I can work on a cracker upgrade and an olive upgrade. But you can't go wrong with those pickles OR shake a stick at 3 kinds of mediocre cheeses!! I also thought a variety of nuts was brilliant!

On to the Ridiculous Risotto (which only has 1 "s" by the way)  (Thanks cousins R and C, I got cracking on your Christmas gift right away. And even on a Monday night!)

First I cooked this green and black rice    

Then you're supposed to pour in the stock.    

But not all at once, you have to like pour it in, and then stir for 10 years. And then pour some some more and stir for another 10 years. It takes a really long time. the dumb thing was that it took like double the cooking time it said on the package!

Here is a slightly uneventful video


My Darling was so sweet, he made some pork things to go with it. I don't have a picture of that :) 

Okay bye now, 
Ms. NS

Monday, December 12, 2016


So here I'm making chocolate cookies with peppermint topping. I should have put the wet ingredients in the BIGGER bowl because it's hard to add all that flour into the smaller bowl!


and see MORE...

Half my batter is in the sink! BUT thank goodness I'm so smart to mix in there!!

I ended up making 3 batches: chocolate peppermint, chocolate chip and peanut butter! (My secret trick that I got from Grandma Edit is for the chocolate chip is to mix the wet and dry with your real hand. Not the hand mixer! :)

Happy Stuff,
Ms. Non-Sequitur

Mostly One-Liners

Tangled Beads?

No problem!!

Tie off the ends!

Put them on your tree!

Cut up some stuff

Sort of flatter your chicken with a tiny hammer.

Put* it in your salad.

*don't forget to cook it!

Unfinished shovel project at the Philosopher's house. Can you see what needs to be done?! :) 

Ms. Non-Sequitur

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shortie, but a Goodie

A speed post!!!

I was making banana bread, but I didn't have enough bananas (as you can see, I only had 2 tiny bananitas) So I threw in some frozen blueberries instead and holy crap if my bread didn't turn out awesome! It was moist and not too sweet! Here are the pictures to prove it!

Can you see MD's toe in the buttered bread picture? HAHA what a sneaker.

I cleaned my room today, went to polka practice and am now enjoying a glass of boxed wine in honor of my sweet mother-in-law who has 1 practical glass of wine a day! :) To one-glass-of-wine-drinkers everywhere, I salute you! 

Ms. Non-Sequitur

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Hi Everyone,

It hasn't been a very domestic week at all because I've had a cold and we've been babysitting this beast (just kidding UncleJ and AuntieK). Her name is Luna, or LP for short (Luna Princess :)


She's currently under my desk. Don't look at that air vent. :)

I did manage to make some Cincinnati chili since I last wrote, but I put in too much cinnamon and it was just mediocre. Even so, I think I ate it for lunch 4 days in a row.

Now onto things domestic. Have you ever made these $1 cookies? You add oil, make the balls and bake. 12 cookies in a package. They taste pretty good and are super easy, especially if you're always in a hurry, like me!

Are you ever so tired in the morning that you do this?

I found that cream in there like 5 hours after I "put it away."

In an act of domesticism, MD has been doing this in our back yard! I'm excited for next spring!

That reminds me, actually DID do something slightly domestic last weekend!!! I had a flower garden as I talked about in this post. I put that baby to bed all by myself! Cut down and pulled up all the dead stems and turned the whole thing over with a shovel!!  My first time! I'm practically a real gardener!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Ms. Non-Sequitur

Friday, November 11, 2016

It's Been A Week

Holy crap it has been a long week. And Donald Trump is our president. Just mentioning that in case you haven't heard!  But life must go on/let's kick some ass...etc blah blah blah. My work is in school and that is where I can make a difference. The rest of the time, I shall do my best to cook and clean in dysfunctional ways :) (Just teasing)  I mean I made TUNA CASSEROLE on Monday night!! How exciting is that?! It actually turned out more like tunafish and noodles that you might cook in a pan/pot because it was all loose and free. As you can see here on the plates:

As per usual there was the normal number of substitutions. Like I added onions. What tuna casserole doesn't have onions? Are they CRAZY?  I also didn't have spicy cheese (It was a spicy tuna casserole) so I just added a ton of red pepper flakes and I snuck in some cumin-but couldn't taste it so I should have snuck some more! I also substituted a regular yogurt/sour cream mix because I didn't have the greek yogurt and it was fine. I was worried about that one, but it was all good. 

Close up of the veggies before I combined them with the noodles and tuna:

Those little frozen peas are so darn cute!! 

And as if I don't gush about MD enough. On Wednesday after parent teacher conferences- let me clarify this for you so you can understand it more deeply- Tuesday night was the election, maybe I slept 4 hours? MAYBE?!  Well, Wednesday was PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES and I had to work a 12 hours day and didn't get home until 8 PM. But I walk in the door and look what is on the table:

I mean, cheese and crackers and in the bowl mini little caramel things for your coffee and chocolate! COME ON! What a great guy :) He always wins my heart with snacks! 

I leave you with this song. 

Ms. Non-Sequiur