Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shortie, but a Goodie

A speed post!!!

I was making banana bread, but I didn't have enough bananas (as you can see, I only had 2 tiny bananitas) So I threw in some frozen blueberries instead and holy crap if my bread didn't turn out awesome! It was moist and not too sweet! Here are the pictures to prove it!

Can you see MD's toe in the buttered bread picture? HAHA what a sneaker.

I cleaned my room today, went to polka practice and am now enjoying a glass of boxed wine in honor of my sweet mother-in-law who has 1 practical glass of wine a day! :) To one-glass-of-wine-drinkers everywhere, I salute you! 

Ms. Non-Sequitur

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Hi Everyone,

It hasn't been a very domestic week at all because I've had a cold and we've been babysitting this beast (just kidding UncleJ and AuntieK). Her name is Luna, or LP for short (Luna Princess :)


She's currently under my desk. Don't look at that air vent. :)

I did manage to make some Cincinnati chili since I last wrote, but I put in too much cinnamon and it was just mediocre. Even so, I think I ate it for lunch 4 days in a row.

Now onto things domestic. Have you ever made these $1 cookies? You add oil, make the balls and bake. 12 cookies in a package. They taste pretty good and are super easy, especially if you're always in a hurry, like me!

Are you ever so tired in the morning that you do this?

I found that cream in there like 5 hours after I "put it away."

In an act of domesticism, MD has been doing this in our back yard! I'm excited for next spring!

That reminds me, actually DID do something slightly domestic last weekend!!! I had a flower garden as I talked about in this post. I put that baby to bed all by myself! Cut down and pulled up all the dead stems and turned the whole thing over with a shovel!!  My first time! I'm practically a real gardener!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Ms. Non-Sequitur

Friday, November 11, 2016

It's Been A Week

Holy crap it has been a long week. And Donald Trump is our president. Just mentioning that in case you haven't heard!  But life must go on/let's kick some ass...etc blah blah blah. My work is in school and that is where I can make a difference. The rest of the time, I shall do my best to cook and clean in dysfunctional ways :) (Just teasing)  I mean I made TUNA CASSEROLE on Monday night!! How exciting is that?! It actually turned out more like tunafish and noodles that you might cook in a pan/pot because it was all loose and free. As you can see here on the plates:

As per usual there was the normal number of substitutions. Like I added onions. What tuna casserole doesn't have onions? Are they CRAZY?  I also didn't have spicy cheese (It was a spicy tuna casserole) so I just added a ton of red pepper flakes and I snuck in some cumin-but couldn't taste it so I should have snuck some more! I also substituted a regular yogurt/sour cream mix because I didn't have the greek yogurt and it was fine. I was worried about that one, but it was all good. 

Close up of the veggies before I combined them with the noodles and tuna:

Those little frozen peas are so darn cute!! 

And as if I don't gush about MD enough. On Wednesday after parent teacher conferences- let me clarify this for you so you can understand it more deeply- Tuesday night was the election, maybe I slept 4 hours? MAYBE?!  Well, Wednesday was PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES and I had to work a 12 hours day and didn't get home until 8 PM. But I walk in the door and look what is on the table:

I mean, cheese and crackers and in the bowl mini little caramel things for your coffee and chocolate! COME ON! What a great guy :) He always wins my heart with snacks! 

I leave you with this song. 

Ms. Non-Sequiur

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Yellow Skirt Update

Update: I have commenced work in earnest on the yellow skirt. I only f-ed up twice, so things are moving along smoothly. I quit when I realized I had to thread the bobbin because that is always a pain, even with my brand spanking new Janome. 

Yesterday I made my Monday dinner at at Jac's restaurant on Monroe St. It was so funny how they let me into the kitchen to make moules, frites and chicken with lemon pea risotto. I was especially proud of the 1/2 price bottle of wine that I served with dinner. 

Thank you and good night,
Ms. Non-Seq

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Caramel Apple Update and Enchiladas

I got lazy. I call this dish, Even Easier Caramel Apple! 
You just slice the apple in random cuts with a knife (instead of the 16 slice slicer, which takes like 15 more seconds to clean) You don't have to bother to cut the peanuts either because the caramel will still pick up a couple for your apple bite! Perfection!

That was quick. On to the enchiladas I made yesterday. As I was cooking I was writing a hilarious blog in my head.  As I said, that was yesterday.

SO to start, I must explain for anyone who doesn't know me that well- Tuesdays are my bad day. Like for years. I would have a super shitty day and then around 4 or 5  in the evening I would realize it was Tuesday! This happened so frequently it has caused me to believe in astrology, well, a little bit :) Well, yesterday was no exception. It was a mildly crappy day...but then I walked in the house and THIS WAS ON THE TABLE:

It brought an instant smile to my face because anything in  a Stella's bakery bag is going to be awesome! (It was a pumpkin danish...awesome! Thank you MD!)

The enchilada recipe I used was this one. Not a bad recipe, however some of the ingredients were hard to find at Hyvee (I think you could find them all at Woodmans!) I couldn't find the chipotle chiles or the chipotle something else I needed. So bought some chipotle sauce, but was sort of having mixed feelings about it. When I got home from the store I found a small can of jalepenos that MD was probably saving but you snooze you lose!! PERFECT. I decide to throw that in there instead AND since I didn't buy enough tomato sauce I used a big can of diced tomatoes and then didn't add the water. I also used my Indian red chili spice which was spicier than shit, but was good! And spicy! :) Almost too spicy, but way better than not spicy enough (which I really hate) so I was happy. They looked like this in the pan. It said it made 8, and I only made 7, but I also didn't measure out the meat exactly.

OMG I forgot the key ingredient explanation. "Shredded chicken?" yeah right. But then it hit me Hyvee has cooked chicken for only $6.99!! It's not organic, but realistically you can't live on organic everything on a teacher's salary!

You won't believe this either- I've never been a fan of sour cream, but these spicy bad boys needed it! I put a dollop on with some cilantro and voila! Sorry for the slanted/artistic photo!

Ms. Non-Sequitur at your service!  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shopping Bags and Apple Snacks

So MD is SUPER good about always bringing his cloth/re-useable bags into EVERY store. Not even just the grocery store, like every store. I have about 53 bags that I almost always forget and leave in the car and then realize when  I'm checking out that I "forgot my bags" Sometimes I try to jam all the groceries in 1 paper bag (dangerous). Sometimes I try to jam it all into 1 plastic bag! (We still need a few for bathroom garbage bags!) Sometimes, I buy another bag in the checkout SOMETIMES I don't take a bag at all and decide to put the items into bags once I get back to the car. This is what happened the other day. Notice all the groceries in my cart.

That plum bag was the worst! I think that particular plum fell out 3 times! I should definitely tied that thing up!!

But as you can see by this photo everything fit into 2 bags perfectly! 

Did you know I love caramel apples? They are my favorite thing to get at summer festivals and fall apple places. I do NOT like the caramel apples at that caramel apple place on State Street because those f-ers charge like $6.99 for an apple. Since my preferred toppings are peanuts, I decided to just make my own!!  I didn't actually DIP the apple, that would be ridiculous, but I did cut up this apple and these peanuts for my after school snack today!!

That picture is upside down and it looks weird! But anyway, that's what it looked like before I cut the apple with one of those 16 slice apple cutters. Then dipped it in the caramel and finally the peanuts! An official double dipper!! 

Hugs you guys! Let's hope for a Packer win tonight!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Turkey Meatballs and a morning song (at the end of the post)

Good morning everyone! I have 2 very exciting meal stories to share with you today!!!

#1 My Monday meal last week was turkey meatballs. You might say to yourself, why is she making ground turkey meatballs instead of beef/pork? Well, the truth is, I was sick of beef! The weird thing  is that I still used a beef recipe... and they turned out a little weird. Totally edible, and really not that bad, but the texture was just- I can't explain it.

As a side dish I cooked/heated this: 

and added these! 

Here is the meat bowl/big ball started before I made all the tinier oddly shaped balls. Now let me tell you this, this bowl was TOO SMALL! Here is a picture with a spoon for scale

I like to smash around the meat and seasonings with my hands because that's how grandma did it. BUT my hands were way too big for that tiny bowl. There was this weird moment when my hands were covered in meat and I had to ask MD to help me with something, but I forgot what happened because this was Monday. And today is Saturday.

Anyway,  I added garlic, parsley cumin and this egg-maybe some other stuff. Now, let me talk to you about this egg...that was part of the texture problem, I think I was supposed to beat it first or I don't know because when I put it on the meat, it just sort of globbed around and never really got IN it. Again, I was using a beef recipe, so I probably wouldn't use an egg with ground turkey again. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the balls, so just imagine white clumpy semi-balls on a bed of vegetable quinoa looks like, and you are all set! 

#2 Breakfast today
I made this veggie quiche, which was pretty darn fast. It looked like this before I put it in the oven.

Not bad.

But when it came out, I cut the slices and I told Mike to pick the best looking one:

Handsome. :) 

I'm blaming the pat of butter, I've never done that before, but the recipe said to add a teaspoon or tablespoon (whatever the 1 chunk mark on the stick) of melted butter. So, it was wattery and I'll never understand why. 

Did you know that I like my coffee scalding?

I highly suggest NOT putting that amount of coffee in the microwave for 30 seconds. It will definitely burn your tongue. Some cream saved the day but holy fuck.

OKAY NOW for the FUNNIEST THING OF THE MORNING. After breakfast, I wrote this song! (figuring out how to put audio on this blog was super hard, so if you listen, it will confirm all my efforts were worth it!!) I hope it works for you!  I don't think it is working unless you have the dropbox ap. Dang, I thought it was public, I don't have the will to keep trying to figure it out. SO if you don't have Dropbox now is the perfect time to install the ap!! :)

Ms. Non-Sequitur