Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shopping Bags and Apple Snacks

So MD is SUPER good about always bringing his cloth/re-useable bags into EVERY store. Not even just the grocery store, like every store. I have about 53 bags that I almost always forget and leave in the car and then realize when  I'm checking out that I "forgot my bags" Sometimes I try to jam all the groceries in 1 paper bag (dangerous). Sometimes I try to jam it all into 1 plastic bag! (We still need a few for bathroom garbage bags!) Sometimes, I buy another bag in the checkout SOMETIMES I don't take a bag at all and decide to put the items into bags once I get back to the car. This is what happened the other day. Notice all the groceries in my cart.

That plum bag was the worst! I think that particular plum fell out 3 times! I should definitely tied that thing up!!

But as you can see by this photo everything fit into 2 bags perfectly! 

Did you know I love caramel apples? They are my favorite thing to get at summer festivals and fall apple places. I do NOT like the caramel apples at that caramel apple place on State Street because those f-ers charge like $6.99 for an apple. Since my preferred toppings are peanuts, I decided to just make my own!!  I didn't actually DIP the apple, that would be ridiculous, but I did cut up this apple and these peanuts for my after school snack today!!

That picture is upside down and it looks weird! But anyway, that's what it looked like before I cut the apple with one of those 16 slice apple cutters. Then dipped it in the caramel and finally the peanuts! An official double dipper!! 

Hugs you guys! Let's hope for a Packer win tonight!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Turkey Meatballs and a morning song (at the end of the post)

Good morning everyone! I have 2 very exciting meal stories to share with you today!!!

#1 My Monday meal last week was turkey meatballs. You might say to yourself, why is she making ground turkey meatballs instead of beef/pork? Well, the truth is, I was sick of beef! The weird thing  is that I still used a beef recipe... and they turned out a little weird. Totally edible, and really not that bad, but the texture was just- I can't explain it.

As a side dish I cooked/heated this: 

and added these! 

Here is the meat bowl/big ball started before I made all the tinier oddly shaped balls. Now let me tell you this, this bowl was TOO SMALL! Here is a picture with a spoon for scale

I like to smash around the meat and seasonings with my hands because that's how grandma did it. BUT my hands were way too big for that tiny bowl. There was this weird moment when my hands were covered in meat and I had to ask MD to help me with something, but I forgot what happened because this was Monday. And today is Saturday.

Anyway,  I added garlic, parsley cumin and this egg-maybe some other stuff. Now, let me talk to you about this egg...that was part of the texture problem, I think I was supposed to beat it first or I don't know because when I put it on the meat, it just sort of globbed around and never really got IN it. Again, I was using a beef recipe, so I probably wouldn't use an egg with ground turkey again. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the balls, so just imagine white clumpy semi-balls on a bed of vegetable quinoa looks like, and you are all set! 

#2 Breakfast today
I made this veggie quiche, which was pretty darn fast. It looked like this before I put it in the oven.

Not bad.

But when it came out, I cut the slices and I told Mike to pick the best looking one:

Handsome. :) 

I'm blaming the pat of butter, I've never done that before, but the recipe said to add a teaspoon or tablespoon (whatever the 1 chunk mark on the stick) of melted butter. So, it was wattery and I'll never understand why. 

Did you know that I like my coffee scalding?

I highly suggest NOT putting that amount of coffee in the microwave for 30 seconds. It will definitely burn your tongue. Some cream saved the day but holy fuck.

OKAY NOW for the FUNNIEST THING OF THE MORNING. After breakfast, I wrote this song! (figuring out how to put audio on this blog was super hard, so if you listen, it will confirm all my efforts were worth it!!) I hope it works for you!  I don't think it is working unless you have the dropbox ap. Dang, I thought it was public, I don't have the will to keep trying to figure it out. SO if you don't have Dropbox now is the perfect time to install the ap!! :)

Ms. Non-Sequitur

Thursday, October 06, 2016

The Remnants of my Broken Dreams

are laying on the floor:

I was going to make a skirt tonight. A yellow skirt which I've been contemplating for like a year. I've watched various circle skirt videos, read about them in my books, thought about how beautiful my flowy yellow skirt would look. And yet, somehow, I missed this important part about measuring the length right. I know what I did wrong now, so you don't have to tell me (it is in regards to where where you start your measurement.).   I was trying to make a knee length skirt and instead...I cut out this:

I pulled up my leggings so you could see how off I am. I mean, I can tell you exactly how much I am off. I'm off by 6.05 inches. (because that's my actual waist divided by pi times two! There is a lot of math in this sewing stuff.

Also, there appears to be a problem with the waist itself! BUT I decided if I had followed the directions, maybe that one might have fixed itself? I probably won't add a little extra to my waist "just in case" with a circle skirt, because every little extra adds a lot.

Well, that's all the pain I can take for one day. If I get the will, maybe I'll attach a fat elastic band at the top and make the tiniest hem OR add some layers at the bottom to make it longer? Any thoughts? Put them in the comments.

Ms. Non-Sequitur aka The Domestic Nemesis

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Apples of my Eyes!

I made 2 apple desserts last Thursday. Mostly because I'm so fast and efficient. Why go through all that work of turning on the oven to just make 1 dish?!

First I cut up all these apples with a 16 slicer thing! WAIT, first I actually wined and complained about peeling the apples. I started with the potato peeler and then switched to a knife, because that's how Grandma Edith used to do it! She always told some story about how you had to cut the apple with one string or someone she knew would get in trouble, like the story might have been that they were beaten or something?! It was tough back then... I might be lying though. I wish I remembered the story. Maybe Q knows? Regardless, I was not able to peel any of them with one string- but I tried. Mostly I just tried to be fast and not cut myself.

I hated throwing all the peels away, so I put them in this container. 

Then I realized they would just get brown and there was just nothing I could do about it. So I ate a bunch and then threw the rest in the compost! 

MD was not impressed with this partial peel. :)  Or maybe he was too busy practicing 

That was a big apple!

Then I did all the baking stuff and unfortunately, my super human strength has been torturing this poor creamer for a long time now. Sorry HotLips. I think this was the one you gave me!!  I'm afraid I had to lay it to rest. 

My plan was to make an apple crisp AND an apple pie! MD got me the pie crust at the co-op and it was a pretty good one! Crisps are nice because if you're not into carbs, they just have oats...which is still carbs...but more healthy ones?!

There was a little taste test on the crisp as you can see in the bottom left corner! 

Both items turned out really good!! That pie on the right uses Grandma Edith's Swedish open face recipe which is my favorite! 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of flour, I think a stick of butter, some cinnamon if you want. Mush it together with your hands and just put it all over the apples! It's super good and super fast and easy! 

Over and Out,
Ms. Non-Sequitur

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Morning Exercise

Do you pick out your clothes for the next day before you go to bed? I try to do this whenever I can, but sometimes, I just forget or don't feel like it. This morning, after trying on about 20 different outfits, I decided that I could count it as exercising. All that pulling tops over my head, legs in and out skirts... The trouble was that I wanted to wear the GREY leggings and NOTHING went with them. I mean, my closet has so many was improbable that nothing matched.  In the end. I went with pants. Trousers. Watch out, if you say "pants" in front of British people they'll think you mean underwear.

That's all I have to report, but I wanted to write. Oh, I know, I can post this awesome picture of me and my grandpa!! Notice our matching teeth!

Ms. Non-sequitur

Monday, September 26, 2016

Soup-er Dinner!

I'm crabby. Just putting that out there before I thrill you with my boring soup story lol OkOk I choose my attitude to be happy.

By now, most of you should know about my Monday night dinner commitment. I make dinner Monday nights. It's in my vows and so far, baring the occasional frozen pizza or dinner out, I usually fulfill my obligation. Tonight I made this skinny French girl green soup. Do you know that book, French Girls Don't Get Fat? Well, I find that idea fascinating. I'm not from France :) (yah yah, I'm not saying I'm fat...just that I'm from Wisconsin and our book might have a slightly different title!)

So the soup has all these green vegetables that I cut up. Except those onions, they photo bombed. Those are leeks in the bowl.

I also made some chicken with olive oil and 
I always have problems with baked chicken because I can never really tell when it's done. More on this on some post in the future.

The scary part of my soup comes when I have to use this device.  I've never used one to mush soup. Generally, I like chunks in my soup anyway but I was trying to be French.

I'm dreading the whole thing when MD swoops in and saves the day and tells me there is a device called an "emersion blender!"  Fuck yeah!

At the end, I added some milk and my soup looked like this! Clearly, I put too much parsley in MD's serving, but it was just so green and pretty!! Also, please note the saltines :) They make an excellent garnish.

This is how my serving looked. Being the Mad Mixer and all!!

It turned out that all those spices on the chicken, actually helped make the soup have more flavor. (Even though I snuck garlic and garlic salt in the recipe. I mean come ON? What recipe doesn't have garlic in it?? The thought is ludicrous.)

All in all, I'd say it was a successful meal.

PS: These grew in our garden.

Have a debateful* kind of day!
Ms. Non-Sequitur

*Full of debates, or rather, 1 debate. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Speedy Meatballs

This morning, I decided to make meatballs for dinner!

At lunch I found a recipe for Indian meatballs and was super excited.
The recipe said, "10 minute prep time, 30 minutes cooking...40 minutes total!" I was super psyched because I like to get in and get out. Of the kitchen! lol

Anyway, I find some co-workers at lunch and I proclaim, "Check out what I'm making for dinner!" To which, after looking at the recipe, state, "There's no WAY you can finish all that cutting in 10 minutes! All those shallots and garlic...." (That might not be what they said exactly...but now that I'm thinking about it...maybe it was exactly what they said) Anyway, I say not too confidently that it MIGHT be possible.

5:31 Stare at the recipe and try to decide if I have to count finding all the ingredients in my 10-minute prep time. I decide that it doesn't count so I start finding all the spices and cutting the cilantro and all this other crap. (yeah, but it does count, who am I kidding!)

5:41 Start considering the shallots. MD sees me from the kitchen table, "Do you want me to cut those?" "Yes!" I respond! I'm thrilled because I hadn't finished getting all the ingredients organized. Tears begin to stream, just kidding, he gets a little choked up from the shallots and I'm thrilled it's him and not me.

(there is a time discrepancy here- but I couldn't keep notes on myself during all the action)

5:55 (I'm officially past 10 minutes) Everything is cut and it's time to mix up the meat balls. I start mixing them, but I'm thirsty and my hands are full of meat. I look over at MD, "Honey, do you think you could help me get that ginger beer out of the fridge." "Of course dear!" :) I'm still trying to do everything really fast even though I know it's hopeless.

It is important to note that around the 5th meatball I find a piece of my hair and attempt to pull it out, but I only get half of it.
Around the 12th meatball I found the other half!!!

6:10 Start frying, remember I need to crush coriander with the mortar and pestle, etc etc

6:12 Maglet came over for dinner and kept asking if I needed any help. I tell her "no" at least twice.

6:15 I realize I forgot to cut up 2 tomatoes and scream, "Maggie cut up 2 tomatoes!" MD jumps into action, "I'll do it!" My hero!! :)  (She totally would have cut them for me, he was just so quick!)

6:20 The meatballs are in the sauce and everything is supposed to cook for 15-20 min. I set the time and take a f-cking break. This time is accurate, I checked.

They cook for 20 min.

I serve up the plates, It's

And in the end, the timing for this recipe was the following

40 minutes prep time
30 minutes cook time
70 minutes total

We all had to put more salt over everything, but it was a pretty good recipe! Even if it took almost twice as long :)

Try it yourself! Meatball Curry

Ms. Non-Sequitur